About us

Your partner for strategic marketing

At rheinkontor, as corporate traders we specialise in the refinancing of media services – to help you boost your revenue, improve your cash flow and develop new sales channels. To achieve this, we offer you intelligent solution concepts for reducing inventories and better utilising your capacity.

Security takes top priority

A fair, flexible contract and reliable execution form the foundation of our business. We cater entirely to your needs, for example the order in which you wish to procure media services and supply the flow of goods – depending on how important the monthly data and other factors are.

You derive security from the detailed contract on the one hand, and from our understanding of ourselves as traders on the other. We vouch for a reliable execution with our name, our reputation, our experience and the references given by our satisfied customers, and are financed entirely with our own capital.

Founded on trust

For us, ‘trader’ is an appellation that comes with a sense of honour and an ethical obligation. The strict confidentiality of all conversations, plans and measures– even beyond the bounds of our business relationship with you – is a matter of course for us.
This applies for all our partners, both in retail and in the media. Of course we respect existing business relationships and distribution channels, and will incorporate them in our planning if desired.