Practical examples

Many satisfied customers have already benefited from our services. Here are two examples:

A TV campaign in return for cars

Like all technical equipment, cars have a limited lifecycle, at the end of which the successor product is already waiting to replace it on the market. Here it is important to avoid subsidies and discounts on the old product, which would cannibalise sales of the current model.

Thanks to rheinkontor buying up the old vehicles at the original sales price, the manufacturer was able to reduce its inventories while still earning the full margin. This revenue made it possible to significantly increase the advertising budget for the new model, and was used as partial payment for a TV and billboard campaign.

The media agency profited as well: it served as a problem solver for the customer, and simultaneously expanded the customer’s budget.

Vouchers in return for sport sponsorship

Budgets for advertising and sponsorship are limited, but the chest of a player in the Bundesliga has its price. In this particular case, rheinkontor took over vouchers and sold them to a closed circle of users at its own risk. The company used the equivalent value to partially pay for the sponsorship.

Yet another win-win-win situation: retailers were pleased about the extra showroom traffic and demand; the company boosted its advertising budget; and the marketer gained new customers.

Real-life examples from various industries: Motives – Objectives – Solutions

Problem Solution
Used cars from buy-back contracts National billboard campaign and TV abroad
Inventory reduction of discontinued models of all-in-one printers National billboard campaign
Yoghurt producer fills idle capacity Perimeter advertising to strengthen the brand
Old stock from OTC packaging relaunch POS campaign
Vouchers generate new customers and direct sales TV campaign
Cosmetics approaching their BBD (best by date) Cinema presence & advertising campaign
Coffee machines from excess stock National TV campaign and regional billboard campaigns
Garden tools from product range streamlining Online advertising and POS services

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