Your benefits

Our services benefit you irrespective of the state of the economy or the industry. You improve your bottom line and thus your bank ranking..

Increased revenues

Increase your revenues from assets slated for write-down, which we buy from you at fair prices. We purchase inventories that tie up capital, such as returned/remaindered goods, slow movers, end-of-life products or seasonal items at the highest possible prices. We will even buy up excess packaging or perishable goods with a best-before date (BBD), and also do trade in merchandise and other vouchers, as well as service capabilities.

Improved cash flow

As needed, we will take over long-term tenancy agreements for vacant buildings and handle outstanding accounts or sponsorship agreements. You use the equivalent value as partial payment for the media services you need, thus improving your cash flow: From A for advertising to Z for TV campaigns on the German channel ZDF.

New sales channels

By buying up your idle production capacity, we open up new sales channels for you in the generic brand business – at prices well above the marginal cost. And, as your partner, we help you to leverage your company’s hidden assets and put them to profitable use – regardless of the industry or the size of your company.